The Shoebox Challenge

Tomato crusted chicken with red pepper salsa & twice baked chips is my shoebox recipe. I was challenged by Cottages4You to create a delicious main meal that was simple but could be created using only five ingredients that fitted into a shoe box, plus one local speciality food that would prove to holiday makers just […]

Spicy Coconut Fried Chicken

I love fried chicken but I’m always looking for new variations of it. We’ve been eating quite a lot of Moroccan inspired foods recently so I decided to do a Moroccan twist on my usual fried chicken recipe. I decided that instead of my usual buttermilk marinade, I was going to use coconut cream and […]

win a £25 supermarket voucher

Baking cupboard essentials can leave some people baffled. They just don’t understand how, or why I have a separate cupboard just for my baking ingredients. I keep a check-list on the inside of the door which is like an inventory of the things I have in and the things I need to replenish. It’s really […]

Salted Caramel Sauce: for everything

Salted caramel sauce is for everything, it really is. It’s great on loads of different foods but it’s best on hot chocolate chip pancakes with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Not necessarily for breakfast, it’s more of a brunch kind of meal. It’s a bit too sweet for first thing in the morning. […]

Rainbow Pasta

Rainbow spaghetti is a great light lunch or a fabulous large meal to share with friends and family. Nothing is better than sitting around the table and digging in to a huge bowl of brightly coloured pasta and vegetables. It’s important to eat a rainbow at least once a day so this dish is perfect. […]

monthly munch back to school

The kids are all slowly going back to school and fun food ideas are really needed especially at this time of year. There are some great products about for lunch at the moment and we’ve been giving them a go this last month. Shaken Udder milkshakes in a handy carton are brilliant for lunch boxes and long […]

Super Seven Cous Cous

Cous cous is a great grain to have in your diet. It’s only boring if you serve it plain, but who does that? Honestly? I even use a cup a soup mix added to the water instead of risking my food being boring. That is not allowed to happen. Boring food is not the sort […]

Strawberry, Vanilla & Cinnamon Omelette

Strawberry omelette may sound disgusting to some but it’s delicious, even if it did come about a bit by accident.  We eat French toast for breakfast at least once a week and I wasn’t paying very much attentition when I started this weeks batch. I only had 5 slices of bread. That was not enough […]

Rapid Ravioli

Rapid Ravioli

September 08 , 2014 by Stephanie Mamo - in Main Meals, Pasta, Recipes

Rapid ravioli is a totally cheating dinner. No, it’s not a quick and easy way to make your own ravioli. There is no simple way to do that. This is a rapid way to serve ready made ravioli and turn it into a proper dinner. When people say ravioli in this house, teenage ears prick up […]

Harissa & Mint Hummus

Harissa Mint Hummus

September 08 , 2014 by Stephanie Mamo - in Side Dishes

Harissa mint hummus is the best use of chick peas. It turns them from something boring that most people turn their noses up at into something amazing that can be spread, dipped and dunked. It can also be flavoured too. I was recently sent a parcel of goodies from Olives Et Al which contained a […]

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