Charitable Food Purchases Christmas 2014

There are loads of food products available all year round which offer charitable donations when you purchase them. Christmas is a time for giving so this year, I urge you to do something wonderful, even if it is just buying a food or drink item which will give something back to charity on your behalf. […]

Christmas Munch 2014

When it comes to Christmas munch, there are so many to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lover of sweet things or a lover of savoury. There is a snack out there for you. These are my top picks for Christmas snacks that have dropped through my letterbox in December! MARS Cake Bars. RRP […]

Star Stacker Christmas Tree Biscuits

Star stacker Christmas tree biscuits are always a big hit with everyone who sees them. It doesn’t matter if you bake them for home, for gifts or for the office Christmas party. They can be easily adapted to suit all tastes and still have the same Christmas-sy feel to them. They look truly spectacular and […]

Cranberry Lime Cupcakes

I really love cranberry lime cupcakes. They are sweet, zingy and really rather pleasing to eat. Cranberry lime is a great flavour combination but I always break it out a bit more when the weather is colder. There is something about it that reminds me of warmer climes. Each time I take a bite, I’m […]

Correctly Disposing of Fats Oils & Grease

So many people are not correctly disposing fats + oils in their homes and work places. When oils and fats get poured down a drain, it can cause a blockage. Just the same as fats and grease build up inside our bodies,l they build up inside our drains and sewers too that’s why this year […]

EcoCook Pan Set Review

It’s no secret how much I love a good pan set so when I was asked recently to test out the new EcoCook pan set range from Premier Housewares I have to admit that I did a little squee. Not only are they the funkiest pans I have ever seen with their bright vibrant colours […]

Salted Almond Brittle

Salted Almond Brittle

December 09 , 2014 by Stephanie Mamo - in Recipes, Sweet

Salted almond brittle is another fabulous foodie gift that can be made at the last minute. It’s also a fabulous addition to loads of yummy treats as well as being deliciously moreish all by itself! Most kind of nuts work well in brittle but almonds are my favourite nut, closely followed by peanuts. Whichever nut […]

Christmas Panini #BootifulMeals

Everyone has loads of Turkey left over after Christmas dinner and one of my favourite Christmas leftover meals is Christmas panini. They’re so great because they use up a lot of things from the fridge. They taste amazing too and the combination of Turkey, bacon and cranberry goes so well with the Brie. I don’t […]

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cupcakes

Cranberry, white chocolate anything always come out over the holiday season. Cranberry white chocolate cupcakes are no exception. I always make these near Christmas. They taste really good and just have something about them that tastes a bit like Christmas. I think it’s the cranberries, I don’t often bake with them unless it’s approaching Christmas. […]

Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bites

Chocolate fruit nut bites are fabulous little bit sized chunks of my favourite dried fruits and nuts which have been smothered in milk chocolate to make something amazing. It’s like a homage to the humble fruit and nut bar which has already been broken into mouth-sized bits, but they have far more attitude than your […]

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