Gooey Biscoff Cookie Pizza

When it comes to Valentines Day, nothing says “I Love You” more than an enormous gooey Biscoff cookie pizza. Yes, you heard me correctly, I did say cookie pizza! Home made gifts of love are becoming more and more popular and this is a great sweet treat for the one you love. It’s really quick and […]

Spicy Cheese Scones

Scones, biscuits, what ever you want to call them. Either way, they are amazingly versatile creations. You can make them sweet or savoury and add a whole host of amazing flavours to them with very little effort. Spicy cheese scones are brilliant. They are a great breakfast on the go too. These bite sized little […]

Spicy Sunshine Scrambled Eggs

I love a big cooked breakfast but it’s not always possible, especially on a school morning so we have to find a suitable alternative. Spicy sunshine scrambled eggs is perfect for hurried breakfasts as it’s ready in less than 5 minutes thanks to the microwave (or 10 if you need to use a pan!) It […]

Taste Inc Review

Taste Inc. Review

January 21 , 2015 by Miss Mamo - in Kitchen, Reviews

It’s no big secret that we love burgers, so when we were asked to taste test the whole range of microwave fast food we were all rather excited. I’d seen Taste Inc burgers a few times in my local Morrisons but I’d never given them a second glance. That was a huge mistake. I won’t be making […]

Sloe Gin and Berry Bakewell Tart

I really love a good Bakewell tart. Not the kind they sell in the sandwich shop with the thick layer of sticky icing and an over processed glace cherry but a great home made one with loads of jam and even more delicious almond sponge on the top. They are glorious. As one of my […]

Chocolate Beer Bundt Cake

Chocolate Beer Bundt Cake

January 08 , 2015 by Miss Mamo - in Cake, Recipes

What happens when you make a beer cake with chocolate? You get chocolate beer bundt cake! Chocolate and beer go perfectly together, especially if it’s a dark ale. Yummy! We are still usually eating and drinking our way through left over Christmas beer and chocolates until well into the New Year so this cake is […]

Sticky Soy Chicken with Noodles

I was challenged by Amoy recently to make a wonderful Winter warmer dish with an Asian feel to it using some of their products. We really love Chinese food and we use soy sauce in a lot of dishes but one of our family favourites is sticky soy chicken with noodles. The sticky soy chicken […]

Chocolate Cappuccino Semi-Freddo

Chocolate cappuccino semifreddo came about when we were sent the range of iced coffees from Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE. We loved all of the drinks in the range but neither of us were overly keen on the original iced cappuccino. To me the whole point of a cappuccino is the foamy frothy deliciousness on the top with […]

Packet Cake Mix Hack - Peanut Banana Pound Cake

Banana Peanut Pound Cake

January 05 , 2015 by Miss Mamo - in Cake, Recipes

I love a good packet cake mix hack the same as the next person. I also love banana peanut as a flavour combination so to combine my love of packet cake mix hacking with easy, nutritious ingredients always works out well. Sometimes, it’s just a pain to have to spend ages mixing and preparing so […]

Aldi Gingerbread Houses

Yes, it’s officially the first non-school day of the Christmas holidays. That means our annual tradition of decorating a gingerbread house. I’ve been epically failing at building one from scratch this year. I’ve broken several whilst I’ve been sticking them together so when Aldi got in touch to see if we wanted to decorate once […]

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